Unfortunately, most consumers will experience some degree of financial difficulty at some point in their lives. It may be a temporary situation that gets resolved in a short period of time, or, it may be catastrophic and continue for a long period of time making it difficult to honor financial obligations as they become due.

Our firm represents creditors in situations where the obligations have become seriously delinquent with no resolution pending. Often times there are many plans available to resolve these obligations.

Our representatives are trained to work with you to find a payment solution that all parties can agree to.

As in all matters concerning money the best solution is to try to resolve the obligation sooner rather than later. If you have received a letter from our office please contact us as soon as possible to arrange payment of your obligation.

If you wish to pay the balance as noted on the most recent letter from our office or if you wish to make other arrangements for payment by phone please contact us at 1-800-496-5048.